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BECREO kit is designed to provide educators with a set of tools that will help them build interest in coding and electronics, and empower their students. Students can spend hours creating and learning. Once they have learnt the basics... the sky is the limit!


BECREO kit is a modular teaching platform introducing the basics of coding, electronics, mechatronics and robotics to children. The environment comprises of a set of electronic, programmable modules and an app containing a comprehensive course of lessons and challenges at gradually increasing level of difficulty. BECREO provides hours of work, play and study, spanning from lessons on the basics to advanced robotics projects.


Every code composed in BECREO graphic interface controls, through Arduino processing platform, electronic modules such as LED diodes, LCD display or servo motors, and collects data, making the projects interactive. Carefully composed tutorials walk children through every step of creating a successful setup, while showcasing and gradually expanding their knowledge of coding.


It is the free exploration, experimentation, problem solving and working together that constitute for the true learning experience BECREO has to offer. There is no need for everyone to become a software engineer. Building up children’s understanding of coding is expanding their horizons and giving them a new tool that could help them become successful in other disciplines. Through coding and tinkering BECREO is engendering open, creative attitudes towards problem solving.


Tabelka - wstęp

  • Choose a challenge

  • Build an electronic system capable of solving the challenge

  • Place a narrative card on the control board

  • Plug your electronic system into the control board

  • Use on-screen blocks to assemble a code capable of controlling your electronic system

  • Send your code to the Arduino Uno development board


When are engaging in a project on the boundary between science, art, electronics and coding - be it simple or complex - you are going to need a microcontroller to breathe life into your system. It is going to “understand” your code and give dispositions to your electronic setup. The controller is going to turn on and off particular modules, collect sensor input, control colour, sound, movement... All of that in accord with your code. It is the Arduino Uno with ATmega328 microcontroller that makes your adventure possible.

BECREO kit is a hybrid solution that requires using a Windows device (2in1, laptop or PC).

Minimal system requirements: Windows 7/8/10, 1GHz processor, 1Gb RAM memory, 1Gb free space on HDD, USB port.

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